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Taumarunui Canoe Hire offers freedom canoe/kayaking journeys and Jet Boat Tours on the Whanganui River in New Zealand
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Taumarunui Canoe Hire offers freedom canoe or kayaking trips and Jet Boat Tours on the
Whanganui River in New Zealand

Client Comments

"There were two of us on this trip. The family that runs this business went FAR and AWAY out of their way to ensure that we had a great time! And we did. The room to rent was amazingly clean and neat! The coffee was great! But the warm and friendly family was the best part. We had a great time and cannot wait to go back!"
s stimson from the United States

For canoe hire, travel service and safety briefing these guys are the best! A group of us used TCH to do the Whanganui Journey from Whakahoro to Pipiriki and they gave us a very detailed briefing and awesome support. Thanks heaps Karen, Ronny and Johnathan - Love those pink Crocs!! "Sorry Ronny"
Connie from New Zealand, Aotearoa

"Rose and I are both 55 yrs young and wanted to do the wanganui river trip from taumarunui to pipiriki for the second time,last done 5 yrs ago,we phoned karen at "Taumarunui Canoe Hire" to discuss options, karen was really knowledgable and helpfull and the bookings were made,their instructions were excellent and we arrived at their home and were made very welcome with probably the best coffee weve ever had,( its the king country milk) Ron and karen let us stay beside the river in our van the night before departure on the river, next day after completing the paper work with karen, Ron gave us a full briefing of the trip covering navigating, safety, finding locations and camp sites, and canoe handling, while this was going on karen got on her computer and sourced two different weather forcasters, they ensured we had the equipment required and delivered us to the river and away we went,we were also informed of places to get out and call for help if required,Ron has his own jet boats if a recovery is necessary, our trip was excellent, safe and uneventfull, it panned out as Ron said,an incredable journey, the rhine of the south pacific, , at completion of the trip at pipiriki Ron showed up with home baking and drink and took us back to their base on the edge of the river at taumarunui, more fantastic coffee, unpacking and de briefing etc, but it didnt end there, we were invited to stay on their land on the river edge again and leave when we were ready, this was kiwi hospitality at its best, THANKS Ron, Karen and family of 6,(Jonathon,Joshua,Justin,Rosalie,Samuel and David) it was a team effort and they all helped in making our trip a truly memorable one,we did the trip on our own and met other like minded people on the way and may even do it all again next year with other friends, AWSOME,THANK YOU."
Dave and Rose Cooper, Napier, NZ

Thank you for the photo and the advanture, we got to Wellington just fine (the car didn't break down again). Thank you again for all the help.
Ohad and Yuval - Israel

We all appreciated the professional service and attention to detail.

"We really enjoyed the trip, awesome refreshments, excellent service"
Ian and Karen - New Zealand

We are a Canadian couple that had a four day float down the Whanganui from Ohinepane to Pipiriki. The kayaks and gear was great, excellent service as well. Very thorough briefing - best that one can provide for such a new experience. We are experienced kayakers so having a good river orientation was relly great. Thanks Karen, Ron, Jonathan.
rearly from Canada

"Thank you for the photo, we all had such a brilliant time and its good to have a wee memento of the weekend"
Paul and Wendy and friends - England

"You have a great service and I will definitely recommend you to other people"
Freddy and Dunja - Switzerland

"We had a wonderful 4-day trip on the river - one of the most fun adventure trips I've been on. The scenery was beautiful, the rapids great fun and we all had an excellent time. It was also very easy to organise. Karen was extremely helpful, always answered emails promptly, and was available on the phone too. We enjoyed their relaxed approach and the fact that nothing was a hassle for them. Thanks Karen and Ron. "
Lou from New Zealand

"Thanks for your support, impressed with the gear and your service, we wish you good luck"
KaKite-Sebastian and Falk - Germany

"Good boat and friendly service with a smile"
Lee and Frank - Netherlands

Karen and Ronny gave a perfect example of what service and attention to detail are all about .Very good equipment , detailed instructions ,both verbal and visual.Helpful staff (thanks Ben) Also excellent coffee and hot chocolates. You guys are the best. The river experience was fantastic with breathtaking unforgettable .scenery and warm water , Quite a physical challenge but doubly rewarding .because of that. We nailed it with no capsizes. Campsites are well maintained and (mostly) well equipped . Possibly the best value adventure tourism experience you could have. I'm telling everyone!!
Premier from New Zealand, Aotearoa

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We offer Freedom Camping Before & after your journey with us.


Taumarunui Canoe Hire and Jet Boat Tours
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