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About us and what we can offer "YOU"
OUR EMAIL: tmncanoehire@xtra.co.nz.

Together with our staff (including our six children, 5 boys and 1 girl) we love and enjoy the river and have been known to escape down the Mighty Whanganui on many occasions ourselves, making memories of our River Adventures!! This means we know and understand the Awa very well.

A very special part of our Family is 'Little David' who came to live with us when he was 2 days old, he loves meeting our Tourists, and will shake your hand a hundred times, welcome you ask your name over and over, when he is well he will always be smiling and laughing and trying to help you with anything you may need even if you don't know you need it. This special happy little lad has overcome so much in his short years and without him our Family/Business would not be the same.

We became a very proud Nana and Granddad in September 2014, Logan Hawkless, it is very likely you will meet this gorgeous little man sometime during your visit. Come and meet us all and we hope you will feel a welcome part of our family.

Our passion is to see you have the best time you possibly can during your experience and adventures with us either Canoeing and Jet Boating the Whanganui River or Bicycling the Timber Trail.

One of our Clients has uploaded their journey with us on to YOU TUBE check us out:


We have Sheep, Cattle, Deer, Ostridges, and at our Farm Base we have a couple of baby calves and a Poodle, all of whom you may meet.


We have two of the cutest calves who were born on the 20th September and they are doing great, looking forward to lots of feeds and photos when you arrive.


There is 2 lovely areas down beside the river which is part of our home not the Canoe Business, where you are welcome to pop your tent up the night before your adventure or the night after your adventure with the Compliments of Riverview Farms. There is no power, however we have porta-loos and you may use the toilets at our BASE.

You are also welcome to light a fire in the firepit down there. This will be the last time you can light a fire before entering the Whanganui National Park where lighting fires is prohibited. If you would like to pop your tent up down on the farm please let us know when you fill out either the contact/booking form or when you call us. We are not a CAMPING GROUND if you would like Power please don't hesitate to Google a Camping Ground.

As we are a family business you could see our children riding around our paddocks in their Paddock Car or on Motor Bikes, having fun and hanging out. This is part of farm and family life in New Zealand.

The benefits of staying the night before or after your journey are:

  • We can give you your barrels the night before your journey starts;
  • we can find out your needs for the journey;
  • free wifi
  • you can be more relaxed without having to drive here in a hurry on the morning of your journey;
  • You can have a practice on the river if you would like to;
  • If you are tired when you come back from your journey, you dont have to drive tired and worn out; and
  • It is an amazing quiet beautiful space to just be and to relax;
  • If for some reason we are not at the Base when you arrive please check to see if we have emailed you instructions or give us a call on 0800 226634. Our Cell Numbers are: 0272266348 and 0275538687 Sometimes we have to pop to town to pick up tourists or pop away to do something.


    On the day you arrive to do the journey with us, we welcome you with a drink of your choice to savour, while you are filling out your paperwork and taking pleasure in the magnificant views of the Whanganui River and Mt Hikurangi from the Briefing Room.

    We have a strong bond to the Land, the Mountains, the Whanganui River, the Fauna and the indigenous Maori people of the Region.

    We would like all of our guests to look after our pristine living environment, which requires our unlimited care and protection for the enhancement and well being of the Awa (River), for future generations to enjoy.

    Contact us and we will do what we can to help you to choose what you would like to do in Taumarunui after your excursion with us.

    We can provide free transport to our base from either the Information Centre or the Local Supermarket after you get your groceries, You are welcome to stay on site before and after your journey, please do not hesitate to ask about this offer.

    Another great thing about using Taumarunui Canoe Hire and Jet Boat Tours is that we are the only Operator on the first days of the river journey with a Jet Boat on the Whanganui river most days doing Tours, and we also watch out for our tourists along the way. We also do River Rescues and help where it's needed.

    What happens is when we are called to do RESCUES for Canoe Companies we charge them, then they in turn add their costs on and charge you for that service, you will be told that there is a Jet Boat Back up Service on the river that is us........ (TAUMARUNUI CANOE HIRE AND JET BOAT TOURS) for the first days and then as follows below.

    BLUE DUCK LODGE have a Jet Boat in Whakahoro, and they also provide showers at a small cost, BRIDGE TO NOWHERE & WHANGANUI RIVER CANOES have a Jet Boat across from Tieke and WHANGANUI RIVER ADVENTURES have a Jet Boat in Pipiriki. The above Jet Boat Operators all help with canoeists, we help them, they help us.

    PLEASE NOTE: Even though other operators do promote, and advertise their own jet boat service they actually have to call on the above operators for any help or tour that may be requested.


<td align=Taumarunui Canoe Hire and Jet Boat Tours can provide unguided canoe/kayak journeys and Jet Boat Tours, through the many rapids and remote long gorges of native bush and scenic landscape in the central north island of New Zealand.


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    We offer Freedom Camping Before & after your journey with us.


    Taumarunui Canoe Hire and Jet Boat Tours
    292 Hikumutu Road
    New Zealand

    Free Phone:
    0800 CANOE 4 U (NZ only)
    (0800 22663 4 8)
    (+64 7 895 7483)
    If all else fails 64 7 895 5350

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